Tuesday, 4 January 2011

How is it?

These were a lot of photographs with Christmas decorations. I've been having back trouble and wasn't able to move very well, let alone get outside during the Holidays. So that's why I kept shooting the things that were near. I'm a little better now and hope to shoot new objects soon. But I am a sucker for Christmas decorations anyway, just love them a lot, so I don't mind having a lot of photo's of them. Even though I have a great urge to get rid of it as soon as it is Januari 1st. Hope my back gets better soon and I can move around as I once did.

Wow more than 100 pictures published already, time for an update. I must admit I sometimes find it quite a burden to shoot pictures every day, the day is gone so quick and normal life just goes on. I don't pretend to shoot the most amazing pictures all the time, but I don't think that's possible with every picture that you shoot. Sometimes I see the best shots... and don't have my camera with me, or the wrong lens. To make good pictures you need time, patience, good lenses and an eye to see.  I find that I like shooting the world as it is, without manipulating the pictures a lot. Well I'll just keep shooting... up for the next 100.

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Marleen said...

Lijkt me ook best wel een hele kluif om iedere dag een actuele foto te plaatsen! Maar de volgende 265 zullen je ook wel lukken;-) Succes en sterkte met je rugsores, ik weet dat dat een kwestie van veel geduld en (vervelende) dagelijkse oefeningen is...:-((Beterschap Lien!