Hi I'm Lien*. Lien is what my sister start calling me when we were young and it stuck to me for friends and family.  My home is in the Netherlands, I'm married, we have two kids (girl 13 and boy 10) and three chickens.

This blog is about photography. It should motivate and activate me in making more pictures and dealing with the challenge of making at least 1 photo a day. It'll become a document of my 47th year, starting on my birthday september 25th when I turn 46.
I still have a lot to learn about my camera, lenses and making pictures, so it should teach me a lot too. The two courses that I meant to follow this fall were both cancelled unfortunately.. not enough participants. They'll give it another shot in februari. So I'm on my own. I'm following a course on the internet now and see how it goes from there, can I keep it up?

UPDATE: (September 2012): I didn't make my goal, that is obvious. But I want to start publishing some photo's again. No pressure to perform every day, but when I feel like it, just for fun and without rules. Hope you have fun too.

I have another blog too about food, recipes, daily life and chickens. The title of that blog "Notitie van Lien" is in dutch and just means "Lien's notes". I started my foodblog in Dutch on 4 october 2006. It didn't took long before I also wrote in English, but I left the title as it was. So I'm not called Notitie, but just Lien ;)

*(pronounced "lean" in English)